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Blue Recruiting in San Jose

I was listening to a short news story on NBC 11 tonight that mentioned that the President of the Long Beach Police Officers Association would not in good conscious endorse nor allow San Jose to actively recruit from it’s membership.  The reasons cited were the City of San Jose’s latest political move to reform Police officers’ pensions and the perspective that this was not an environment that he (the President of this LBPD Association) would be willing to try to encourage his membership to be a part of.

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CNAC – Is it Done? Or Has It’s Time Come?

Today, I am writing about an group (organization?) that I have been involved with for the last year, including some basics on it’s history, it’s current state, and prospects for the future.

First off, let’s spell out exactly what the name (it’s acronym) stands for.  CNAC stands for the Coalition of Neighborhood Action Committees, which was intended to be the community counterpart to the Strong Neighborhoods Initiative, a program funded by the Redevelopment Agency of the City of San Jose.

The mandate, or charter , of this group was to mirror the 4 pillars or precepts of Strong Neighborhoods, namely:

1) Mobilizing Neighborhood Action

2) Stabilizing Neighborhoods in Crisis

3) Removing Barriers

4) Connecting Resources

All four of these concepts was intended to enable, empower, and encourage community leaders and their respective neighborhoods to find means to support themselves, augment activity/efforts of the city, and build / foster strong vibrant communities with the capacity to sustain, thrive and grow.

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Hello community!

Hi there,

I wanted to kick off this blog with a simple post to welcome poeple to this page.  If interested in learning about this blog, the author(s), and how to contribute, please, by all means, email me at  I am very interested in contributions, however, I ask that those contributing be respectful of your language, and consider who your audience is.  I also reserve the right, as the site’s owner, to retain editorial control of this page, meaning if I deem content to be inappropriate or not aligned with the general spirit and purpose of this page, I will delete or remove said content.

Otherwise, feel free to email me to discuss what’s going on.

Thanks for your time,

– Steve

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